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Wayka Raw Carbon Pickleball Paddles

Wayka Raw Carbon Pickleball Paddles

Enhance Your Pickleball Performance: Wayka Raw Carbon Pickleball Paddles

Elevate your game with raw carbon WAYKA paddle and experience the perfect balance of power and control. Meticulously designed for tennis players making the transition onto pickleball, this paddle produces unrivaled spin, speed, precision, and control. The WAYKA is a must-have for competitive players seeking optimal performance on the court. Key features include a 16.0mm Polypro honeycomb core, raw carbon surface with maximum allowed grit, a thick grip with extra long handle, and an expanded sweet spot. This paddle is great for controlled resets and explosive counter-attacks.

Weighing between 7.50 and 7.90 oz, these paddles provide great feel all-around.

Available in elongated handle grip only.

This item is part of our in-stock collection, a selection of signature products that are ready for immediate dispatch.

- Surface: Raw carbon surface of 0.40mm with a pre-preg textured finish
- Core: Cold pressed 16mm core with 8.0mm cells
- Handle Material: EVA handle for added comfort
- Type: Multilayered Elongated
- Edges: Solid TPU single guard
- Weight: 7.7 oz (+/- 0.2 oz)

- Total Length: 41.8cm (16.4")
- Total Width: 19.2cm (7.6")
- Handle Length: 14.7cm (5.8")
- Grip Circumference: 11.0cm (4.3")

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