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Signature Tailwag Carbon Fiber Wallet V1

Signature Tailwag Carbon Fiber Wallet V1

Convenience And Security While Making A Fashion Statement: Signature Tailwag Carbon Fiber Wallet V1

Discover the ultimate blend of style and functionality with our signature carbon fiber wallet. Crafted from 100% carbon fiber, this wallet offers a sleek and minimalist design that ensures easy accessibility to all your essentials. Its exquisite carbon gloss finish offers durability, while providing RFID protection to safeguard your credit cards from unauthorized scanning.

Key Features:
• Front clip holds up to 12 credit cards or 30 paper bills
• Rear compartment accommodates up to 10 paper bills and 5 business cards
• Inside compartment holds up to 6 infrequently used cards or IDs
• Rear compartment enables easy access to cash and business cards with sliding functionality
• Carbon fiber clip can be separated for separate use if desired

Size: 9cm x 6cm x 1.5cm

This item is part of our in-stock collection, a selection of signature products that are ready for immediate dispatch.